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About Bajrang Ayurvededa
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the premier manufacturer of Ayurvedic Medicines, in the N.E. Region of India, for the last six decades or so, under the brand name, BAJRANG.We are proud to say that our brand ‘Bajrang’ is synonymous with genuine, fast acting & reasonably priced Ayurvedic medicines and thus our brand is a household name in Assam and its adjoining states, i.e. the entire N. E. Region.  Our products such as anti-diabetic Bajrang M. M. Tab (Forte) & Bajrang Diabecure etc. are proven oral anti-diabetic medicines, getting fame far and wide with every passing day and it has been clinically proved effective in treating diabetes.

About Our Founder

Scholar of Sanskrit from Varanasi, an eminent Ayurvedic Physician, actively associated with various forums like Assam Rajya Ayurveda Mahasabha, Founder member of Government Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Guwahati, etc. for the development of Ayurveda in the N E Region, throughout his life time; he was the founder of Shri Bajrang Ayurved Bhawan, a household name for Manufacturing Quality Ayurvedic Medicines in the entire North Eastern Region of India.

Late Kaviraj Jagadishwar Sharma
Late Kvj. Pundit Jagadishwar Sharma, Vaidyashastri Ayuvedacharya, Paniniya Vyakaran Shastri, was born on the 5th of July 1917 in Kustia district, in East Bengal of undivided India.His father was Late Gauri Shankar Ji Sharma, who was a Vedic scholar, having mastered Ayurveda and other religious textsand his mother Smt. Uma Devi Sharma, was a deeply pious, noble hearted and God-fearing lady. Since his childhood he was exceptionally brilliant, God fearing, smart and a talented student. His early schooling was under the guidance of Pundit Ram Dutt Ji Shastri, a Sanskrit scholar in his own right and since his childhood he acquired proficient knowledge of Sanskrit. After completing his Paniniya Vyakaran Shastri course at Varanasi, he got himself enrolled in Shri Shyama Prasad Ayurvedic College, Calcutta, and by scoring highest marks, passed his Vaidya Shastri and Ayurvedacharya exams. Due to his brilliance and well-behaved nature, he was very popular amongst his teachers and fellow students. In 1940, before independence he started ‘Sri Jagadishwar Ayurved Bhawan’ in Jorhat. At that time entire Assam and more particularly Upper Assam was under the grip of Dengue & Malaria fever. In order to cure patients of such ailments he manufactured ‘Nokacina’ a pure Ayurvedic, quinine free medicine and this medicine because of its effectiveness became popular throughout Assam.

Some 53 years back in 1948, on the auspicious occasion of Dhanwantari Triyodashi, he established “Shri Bajrang Ayurved Bhawan” at the initiative of his father Pundit Gouri Shankar Ji Sharma, in order to serve the ailing people and to provide them with pure Ayurvedic medicines, as per the texts prescribed by the Lord Dhanwantari and numerous scholars succeeding Him. It is located in Guwahati, the city of Goddess Kamakhya, by the side of river Brahmaputra. Here pure Ayurvedic medicines are prepared to cure ailing people, so that they may lead a long ailment free life and be treated with medicines without having any side effects, cheaply and effectively.

The medicines are prepared, bearing in mind that cheap, pure, and effective medicines are provided to the public at large at reasonable cost. The contemporaries of the founder were Late Jagadish Chandra Bhattacharya {Ex-Principal, Govt. Ayurvedic College, Guwahati; First Deputy Director (Ayurveda), Govt. of Assam.}, Renowned Physician Late Shambhunath Bhattacharya, Late Sukumar Bhattacharya {Ex-Principal, Govt. Ayurvedic College, Guwahati; Deputy Director (Ayurveda), Govt. of Assam}, Late Tirthanath Sharma {Ex-Principal (Founder), Pragjyotish College, President, Asom Sahitya Sabha, and a Renowned Sanskrit Scholar in his own right} etc.

He had obtained active assistance and guidance from his close friends and acquaintances and with their active co-operation he founded Assam Rajya Ayurved Mahasabha, to bring Ayurvedic Physicians of Assam on one   platform and played an important role to protect and safeguard their interest. He was always an inspiration for the upliftment of the only Ayurvedic College in the Northeast region, and from time to time Ayurvedic Physicians of this region and from far and wide used to come and meet him for his guidance and he also used to go and meet them with a view to popularize the Ayurvedic treatment among the masses and also used to hold discussion about the preparations of medicines and administration of the same to the patients. He played an important role to get the Ayurvedic medicines tax free, so that the public may get, such medicines at cheaper rates.

Internationally famed Ayurvedic Physician, Padmabhushan Late Pundit Shiva Sharma, who was decorated with many titles at home and abroad and was president of All India Ayurveda Congress, Delhi, came to Guwahati for the first time in 1953, by accepting his invitation, and after meeting him and on being satisfied wrote as here under –
“Today I have inspected ‘Shri Bajrang Ayurved Bhawan’ I was highly satisfied by seeing the qualification of the management and the preparation of the Ayurvedic medicines in neat and systematic manner. Shri Jagadishwar Sharma, Ayurvedacharya, is the founder of this establishment, who is expert in treatment and in text. I wish success of this establishment – Pd. S. Sharma (29-05-1953.)

The green fields of Assam are one of the main source of Herbal medicine and he was expert in exploring and finding out such medicinal plants and as such Ayurvedic physicians used to keep in contact with him to get benefits of his great knowledge and expertise of medicinal herbs and plants.

He specialized in identifying the medicinal plants and its utilities and could suggest the ways and means to use such medicines for specific ailments, he had full faith in the effectiveness of such medicines based on herbs and held the views that medicines prepared by such herbal plants will not only cure the people of ailments but also will have no side effects.

This was his field of expertise, some 50 years back and he was so farsighted that people have now come to realize that the herbal plants are the best source of pure medicines, which do not have any side effects. He was also an expert pulse-reading physician and by feeling the pulse he could have detected the ailments of the patients coming to him for treatment. And he used to recite mantras during such diagnosis by pulse reading. He had the view that a patient can be brought to good health by feeling his pulse, caressing him, smoothly with fingers and by speaking politely with the patient and family members and by giving them the advice that by grace of God the patient would be cured. He had studied the various textbooks of Ayurveda extensively by using his own experience of providing treatment to large number of patients; he brought out sure shot formulas of Ayurvedic medicines to be used for treatment of such patients and was successful in curing them.

He was instrumental in providing treatments to many seriously ill patient and the people still remember him as a top-class Ayurvedic physician. He used to prepare Ayurvedic medicines as per the formulas given by ancient sages for treatment by using herbal plants, minerals etc. in preparation of Rs Rasayan, Bati, Guggulu, Lauha-mandoor, Churna, Awaleha, Kwatth, etc. The Rasayanshala of Shri Bajrang Ayurved Bhawan is the largest in the entire Northeast region. And pure Ayurvedic medicines are always there in ready stock and demand for such medicines are rising rapidly. These medicines are available with us as well as with other medicine dealers.


Its anti-diabetic medicine Bajrang M.M. Tab, and Bajrang Shukramatrika Bati etc. are getting fame far and wide with every passing day and it has been proved effective in treatment of diabetes and its demand is increasing rapidly.


Bajrang Udarananda, Bajrang Amlashoolhar Churna etc. are other medicines which are effective medicines in treatment of abdominal ailments and likewise Bajrang Shwasamrit is proved to be a very effective medicine for cough-n-cold. In this manner the medicines manufactured in Shri Bajrang Ayurved Bhawan have been proved to be quite effective and reaction free.

The same tradition of providing pure and effective Ayurvedic medicines, at cheaper rates, manufactured under strict supervision of trained and learned Kavirajas and strictly according to the time tested formulas per ancient texts and scriptures, are devotedly and uncomprisingly, adhered to, by the present management, also.

Though with the change in times, some new and scientific methods and equipments are also, acquired by the management, but it was always kept in mind that in no way it deviated from the ways and methods prescribed in the Ayurvedic texts and scriptures. As for testing of crude and prepared drugs a fully equipped and scientific lab, was also installed at the factory premises, keeping in view of providing excellent products.

As per our founder’s deep cherished dream to have full fledged cultivation and conservation of herbs and medicinal plants, as a means of multi dimensional development of Ayurveda, in this region, along with social obligation to involve the masses, we had indigenously engaged some people in rural areas by providing guidance and help in all respect, help start herbarium, at there own convenient localities, near the place of their domicile. We are proud to say that our efforts in this regards is bearing fruitful results, by helping in conservation of rare medicinal plants and herbs and hope this will bring healthy results in the near future, thus helping in generating rural economic development and bring the much desired awareness in the masses, towards Ayurveda.

We are proud to say that as per the latest guidelines by the Dept. of Health and family welfare, government of India, our unit has fully complied with the GMP norms.

We, the management of Shri Bajrang Ayurved Bhawan, Guwahati, are proud to inherit and upkeep the excellent standards used and maintained, in manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines, since our inception and will in no way deviate from the path shown by its founder late Kvj. Jagadishwar Sharma.

Jai Ayurved. Jai Bajrang.